Saturday, February 21, 2009


Avila family shoot   
2.  7 ft. Elichrom Umbrella
3.  Generator
4.  2 Dyna-Lites with pocket Wizards
5.  4 tripods
6.  sand bangs 25 lbs. each
7.  4Gig Lexar professional memory card
8.  Hensel portable studio light
9.  1 extra heavy sofa as our prop. 
The morning started off by setting up and goofing around and telling Aldo that he is number 1!
It was about 40 degrees below and the only good thing is that... it's less likely for  snakes to come out.  It was fun, I want to thank Lawrence Avila for coming out and waking his family up so early.  I am always looking  for new areas to shoot and create images that will leave memories in our minds and on print to share with others.